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CFC Consult
Recruitment Specialists.

We are all about providing a realistic, common sense solutions to all your recruitment requirements.

Established in 2010, CFC Consult is a small independent recruitment agency, fully self-funded and fanatical about providing a quality service.

CFC are a recognised brand in the employment agency sector offering a solution focused approach to the recruitment process for permanent, temporary and contract staff at all levels, we are committed to offering a first-class service to our clients and candidates alike, through a team of talented and highly trained consultants.

Our customer base is broad ranging, encompassing private sector businesses, public bodies and not-for-profit organisations. Our operational profile is spread across a wide spectrum of business and industry sectors.

  • 96% of clients stay with us for all their recruitment needs
  • 98% of candidates are still in their placement one year later
  • 93% temporary staff complete the duration of their contract

Surrounded by success

Success depends on the people around you. Our goal is to help unlock a world of exciting career opportunities for our candidates whilst ensuring our clients have top class support at all times.

Why Choose CFC Consult services
Company Values

Our commitment to ‘Ethics First’ provides a robust framework for our relationships with our employees, candidates and clients.

Honesty, integrity and professionalism are the core principles of our business. We expect our staff to adhere to these standards in their daily activities. Integrity is the common fabric of the people we hire and will continue to define our business for years to come.

Central to our business philosophy is that our recruitment consultants only fill assignments within their field of expertise. Each specialised division focuses solely on one particular industry, allowing us to provide unrivalled professional service and client support.

What we do for you

Manage Expectations

We fully brief candidates on the role and environment to ensure it is exactly what they are looking for.

Promote and Advertise

We put together a full job description and person spec for the client based on the information from a one-hour meeting.



Our database of available candidates, who have already been interviewed, allows us to offer potential applicants instantly.



We make sure all candidates are properly prepared. We interview additional candidates for the position and pre-select suitable applicants for the interviews.



We obtain dates and times from our clients that are convenient for them to arrange interviews.

Candidates Feedback

All candidates are contacted post interview to obtain instant, honest feedback.

Client Feedback

We then contact our clients following interviews to let them know how the interviews have gone and gain feedback to give back to applicants.


We place local advertising in a number of media, using our proven skills in applicant attraction.


CFC will comply with applicable GDPR regulations Working in conjunction with our clients, we will explore opportunities within our services offerings to assist our customers to meet their GDPR obligations.


We keep in contact with the candidate for the first two months of employment to ensure that everything is going well and to report back to the client if there are any concerns.


We carry out all administration with regards to the rejection of unsuitable applicants.


We work with the candidate during their resignation and iron out any problems during the process.

Administration and Compliance

We call our client and keep them updated through the process and chase acceptance letters and contracts when necessary.

Offer Confirmation

We call the client, advise that the offer has been accepted and organise with them the sending out of an offer letter and confirm a start date.


If successful we will call one of the candidates and make an offer to them


We keep in touch with the candidate right up to their start date and beyond

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